The Making of a White Room - Before and After

If you know me at all, you know that I have a real love affair for light and bright interiors. It’s my preference in design. I’m just attracted to those airy colors with space to breathe. Recently, a couple came to me to redesign their living room and make it more family friendly. They, also, needed the space to serve as another sleeping area for overnight guests. There were two main requirements for the room,  a comfortable spot to watch tv and a sofa that could become a bed. We needed a floor plan to be able to fit the 2 sofas, and to have room for her grandchildren to actually, play. The room had to serve multiple purposes and be beautiful. Pretty and functional is what I like to say.

To make the room feel bright, airy and sophisticated we picked one color for the space.  Can you guess what color we decided to use? Yes, you know it; WHITE! White can be scary! Everyone’s immediate reaction is, “It will get filthy!” In today’s world, there are many versatile fabrics that are easy to clean and wipe off. We decided to go for it and use white, but find fabrics that would stand up to the wear and tear of her family.

One of the best ways to come up with plenty of seating is to use a sectional sofa. We found one that wasn’t too deep and could handle the space of the room.

We were also able to add a sleeper sofa that coordinated with the sectional. We used the same fabric for all of the pieces to pull the space together.

Look at the difference these pieces made to the room. Here are the before pics:


We painted the room including the trim and built -ins the same color, white. The space appears larger than it actually measures and also just feels so much lighter.

The room needed to serve as an additional sleeping area for out of town guests. There were no doors on the space, originally. We added some barn doors to be able to close off the area for privacy and added some great architectural interest.

We added a neutral rug and some additional pieces in black. We finished the room off with beautiful drapery that blended in to the wall color.  The end result is a space that is beautiful and functions exactly how the home owners envisioned. Everyone including those grandkids are happy to be in the space!