Laundry Room Makeover

Doing the laundry is such a dreaded chore! I mean, does anyone really enjoy it? It’s a long, boring and tedious task that seems to be never ending! It’s also a chore that someone in the house has to do! So, how do we make it better? For me, having a pretty place to actually hang out while doing the laundry would take some of the chore out of the task. Lucky for me, this past year, I had a client that wanted to do exactly that; make her laundry room a more enjoyable place. We did a modest laundry room makeover and made the laundry area absolutely beautiful! The first task was to make the walls pretty. We could have chosen to paint the space, but decided to go all out and get some gorgeous wallpaper. Wallpaper is such a statement maker and can be relatively reasonable. We found a great paper through Thibaut. We wallpapered as much wall space as we could extending it out into the back door hallway. To make the wallpaper pop even more we painted the trim including the cabinets and molding the same color blue that was highlighted in the wallpaper. And boy, did it pop! To date, it’s one of my favorite projects! Take a look at these pics.

Here is a closer look at those painted cabinets:

Here’s how you can get the look. Paint the trim Sherwin Williams Billowy Breeze SW9055 to match the blue details:

This wallpaper would be just as fun. You could either match the green for the trim or use a white paint color to make it pop. Here is a suggested choice for the green paint, Sherwin Williams, Arugula, SW6446. And for the white option I would recommend Benjamin Moore, Simply White, BM OC-17.

This paper would be so much fun if you happen to have a dog washing station in your laundry room. And this color would be great on the trim, Sherwin Williams, Sporty Blue, SW6522. 

The client had a hanging pot holder that she put above the washing machines to hang clothes to dry. Here is a pretty choice. This one comes in a bunch of different finishes. Depending on the rack you choose you could also paint it the trim color or just white. The other finish options could make a bold statement!

If you decide to take on this project, make it fun! This is a place in your home where you can be a little risky and do something that is a little outside your box! Good luck!

That’s all for now. See ya next time!