Favorite Pins of All Time for October

It’s finally fall, but not sure the weather indicates the season. It’s been soooooo hot down South, but hoping it begins to cool off soon. It can be hard to get into the spirit of September and October, but my pins are indicating that I’m going in that direction, anyway.

I fell in love with this pin and so many others from the same project. It’s the new office of Studio McGee. I love the openness of the space where everyone gets to constantly collaborate. This is their sample library. There are tons of cabinets to store so many necessities of the trade. It looks warm and inviting almost like a nice, organized room in your home. That table makes it so easy to spend tons of time scheming.

Along the lines of office space, I love this cozy nook that’s an office with all of those books systematically lined up. I’ve been seeing a lot of olive green walls and am loving it. I am a green girl, for sure and this color speaks to me on so many levels. It’s dark, feels warm and cozy and the color would be so good in a room with a fireplace.

Designer Unknown

Designer Unknown

What would my Pinterest feed be without some outdoor spaces. These iron windows with stone walls is the perfect natural setting to begin the fall season. The landscape looks just as beautiful as the actual home.

The perfect set up for an October evening. The table is big enough to seat a crowd and situated right next to that awesome fireplace. The stone detail is giving off all of the fall vibes for a nice evening with good friends. I could linger here for hours.

I’m a lover of custom drapery. It takes every room to a new level. These blue ones are on point adding a level of luxury to the space. The room already has a beautiful set-up with the wood paneled walls, beautiful green sofa and marble surround fireplace. The drapery adds another layer of texture.

That’s all for now. See ya next time!