Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Instagram. I love how easy it is to scroll and see accounts wherever you are, whenever it’s convenient. I love the App for all of the creative ideas you get to see at the touch of your fingers. And, I love how you can interact with accounts, ask questions, get good information, and learn about any subject.

As an interior designer, Instagram serves as an amazing source of inspiration with so many home ideas coming at your 24/7. I decided to share the accounts I find the most inspiring and love to follow. Maybe you’ll agree and start to follow them, too!  

My number one FAVORITE Instagram account to follow is Studio McGee. I love their design style and aesthetic as well as all of the information they provide constantly and consistently. I can spend hours on their feed going back and forth to their website.


Paloma Contreras Design has a gorgeous feed that displays her classic look for interiors that is her signature trademark. She has a blog called, “La Dolce Vita”, that has great information on a wide range of subjects all relating to design, travel, and much more.  There is so much creative content on her blog that keeps you coming back for more.


Another favorite is Lindsey Brooke Design. Her Instagram stories are informative and she is constantly interacting with her audience. She gives great advice and helpful information to designers from running their business to making client presentations as well as a beautiful feed of her work.  She is a plethora of information.


Pencil and Paper Co is a truly, fun follow! Gen Sohr is constantly interacting with her audience keeping them up to date on the latest sales for furniture, décor and fashion. I am constantly buying items off of her Instagram Stories posts. Most items, whether it’s clothing or décor are not only typically great deals, but are great looking pieces to add to your wardrobe or home. Sohr has a fabulous sense of style which she graciously shares with her audience. They also have branding down to a science.


The last account I love to follow is Amber Interiors. I would classify her as California Cool in the best way possible. Her work is sooooo beautiful! She seems to always find some old and interesting pieces to interject into her projects. Super funny, too!


That's all for now. See ya next time.